Saturday, November 28, 2009


Season of Family... Season of Bessing, Season of Thanks, Season of Love. I will show the picture of my door frame next time, which has this saying on it. 

This photo is of Eli, Bryant and Max learning to bowl last night at Game works. We celebrated Phil's birthday at Game works in downtown Long Beach.  I am going to be having my work Christmas party there, so I wanted to get some practice in bowling before the event.  I haven't bowled since high school.  We had so much fun, we will definately want to do this again soon.

The above photo was this morning at breakfast at Geoffy's in San Pedro.  Liz and Eddie want to eat there.  Max has the same love for ketchup that my dad has.  Who would have thougth it was a genetic trait?  We are definately passing our love for breakfast to the boys, yesterday we had breakfast at Schooner or Later.  Funny picture below.  We took a walk after breakfast around the Marina, and Bryant refused to walk, we kept taking a break.  I ended up having to carry his 27 lbs around. 

I didn't have any picture of us at my parent's house for Thanksgiving dinner.  I only took photos of my decorations...I will post those next time.

These next photos are from Thanksgiving with the Calderon's.  Haley took the pictures which is why they came out a little blurry.  I feel bad that I didn't have a picture of my assistant photograph ...well at least I was in the pictures...finally.

This photo was taken at the Miyamura Thanksgiving dinner held on Sunday.  Missing was Wally, who was the photographer of this picture...I should have brought my tripod (not the dog his name is Triton).  Also missing Ted, he didn't come out of his room unfortunately.

Here is Phil's grandmother and uncle with Bryant.  Phil went to visit her before Thanksgiving so she could see Bryant. I can't believe he was sitting on her...although this photo is such a great shot, I love the tender kiss she is giving him!!