Thursday, August 25, 2011

thankful thursday...

I am so grateful that Bryant has such a great relationship with my parents and his cousins!! I never understood why family was so important, until now that I have Bryant. He gets so excited when he sees them, and wants to see them all time.  He cries when we have to take him home.  I am very grateful for my parents and his cousins!  

Monday, August 22, 2011

overbooked weekend...

Most weekends were are just sitting at home watching HGTV, hoping that someone walks through our condo and wants to do a free makeover!!! This weekend we had so much planned...

This weekend we were just going to go to Court & Randy block party, but a few days before Phil got a text from Edgar to join them in San Diego.  Although I did want to see our friends, being 35 weeks pregnant I was not excited for a two hour drive down, walking around at Sea World in the heat, and then driving back up and then attend the block party.  Bryant had been bugging me to go to Sea World, darn those TV commercials during the news.  How could I look at those brown eyes and tell him no. 

So we decided to drive down Friday evening and spend the night so at least we were not driving for 4 hours in one day.  Friday was my mom's birthday and we were not planning to take her out for dinner (we were going to take her out on Sunday for brunch), but when we forgot about Tri, and decided to drop him off at my parents.  Bryant/my parents wanted to have dinner, how could Phil and I say no.  (this is starting to become a trend...not being able to say no).  However, this meant that we didn't leave until 10pm, and arrived in San Diego at 11:30pm. 

We did have a great time at Sea World, and I am glad we went down there!!  Also happy that Diana was able to make it out even though we was helping her sister move.

We also had a great time at the block party...and didn't want to leave.  I can't believe we stayed so late, but the kiddos were having as much as fun as.  Phil and I also felt bad, because we had told Court and Randy that we were going to help them set up, and ended up being late from our drive from SD that we didn't even arrive on time but an hour late.  We decided it was only fair to help clean up.  While the guys were putting away the chairs, tables etc. the kiddos all sat down in line ...too cute not to grab my camera.  However, by the time I got my camera out they were starting to walk away, I quickly started to snap away even though I didn't get a chance to set the settings.  The photos came out blurry but it was too cute not to post.

Then on Sunday morning it was my day to help with the Children's Liturgy.  I originally was not planning on helping out since I had "traded" with one of the other ladies my day.  But I realized when she sent out an email, not only she was scheduled the same day as me so not only were we not able to trade, but also she wasn't going to be able to make it herself and was looking for someone to trade with her.  It was fine because I actually had a great time with Karen who stepped in to help me.

Then after mass & doughnuts, we went out to celebrate my mom's birthday at Spaghettini's for Brunch.  They sat us in the dinning area, and not were the live music was planning.  I am guessing it was because we had Bryant with us =)  We could still hear the live music, and the food was delicious so there was no complaints!!!  Highly recommend to take the parental for a nice brunch on Sunday. I will have to post a photo of Bryant eating my mom's cake, I can't believe I forgot my camera.

It was a great weekend, and I could not complain that I was bored =) 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

oc fair...

We had a great time with the Wherrys at the OC fair.  We actually had such a great time, that we stayed way to late for the boys, and ended up sleeping in the next day and missed Church. 

 The food was okay, at least at the beginning.  Read more below.

 I really thought Phil was too big to ride and that it was going to break, but it didn't and it was a huge sigh of relief.

 Both Celeste and I being pregnant this was about the only ride we could go on with the boys.  As for the rest of the rides, the dads accompanied the boys. They even raced downhill...hmm who was really having the most fun on the rides.

 Around 11pm Richard got hungry and decided to eat a turkey leg.  Julian actually loved it so much, Richard had to buy two turkey legs.  Finally found a food Julian loves!!  I was going to buy a funnel cake, but yes the cheap in me won, and I could not get myself to pay more than $9 on funnel cake at the OC fair.  Hey if it was a chocolate souffle at a restaurant it would have been a different story.  But I did pay $3 for hot chocolate, more like hot water and Nestle mix, it got cold okay...

More photos over at flickr.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

almost wordless wednesday

I wish it was wordless photo, but it would not be the same.  For some reason seeing a photo without an explanation is not the same. First impression of this photo would be that Bryant is helping Phil carry some things, cute!  

Bryant had not seen my parents for a few days, and had been wanting to see them for a while. He wanted to spend the night at their house and for them to take him to the zoo. However, we were just going to visit them for brunch on a Sunday.  My parents were taking care of my grandparents, since my grandfather just had heart valve replacement surgery, and my grandmother does not drive.

Bryant is always upset with us that we don't pack anything for him.  So this time Bryant packed his "bags" to go over to visit my parents.  He packed his snacks in the lunch bags and then packed his toys in two other containers.  It was too funny to see him carry his important items to stay at my parents' home.