Wednesday, April 20, 2011

tax season is over!!!

Finally tax season is over and I am back!! 

Please stop by and say hi just so I know that someone else is out there!!!  ha ha  

This blog is going to undergoing a few changes, but I will still be updating you on what is going on with us, my photography photos, and my scrapbooking pages. 

Ok, time for updates....
I am doing much better after my first trimester.  I was nervous because with Bryant I didn't know I was pregnant until week 16 and I was nauseous the whole time. This time I found out much sooner and my nausea ended about a week ago yea!!   I am also not planning on running any half marathons anytime soon.  I don't know if it is because I know so much sooner, but I feel so much bigger than last time.  Please feel free to share with me if you were also bigger on your second, or third.  Also any cute maternity clothes stores, since I don't want to wear all those suits I bought last time working at the law firm.

Although I am much more tired than I was when I was pregnant with Bryant, after all I am officially an AMA (Advance Maternal Age) horrible to admit I am over 25 years old (plus a few more) ha ha, I am super excited.  Tomorrow we find out if it is a boy or girl, so I am picking out names.  Last time Phil picked out Bryant's name.