Saturday, September 19, 2009

thank you cards...

Finally finished my first thank you card...
the first one is always the hardest but then it is mass production time and it comes much easier. Thanks to Liz for her help!! It also qualifies for the PPA Simple Sketch. They have such great ideas. Thanks to Tara for the inspiration.

korean bbq taco truck...

Yes you read right...Liz and I got the boys out last night and followed the Korean bbq taco truck. Yummy...
It is kinda odd that you have look up the website to know where they are going to be at that night and then go and eat there. The truck was coming to the LBC so Liz and boys came on down for some food. Luckily Josh and Melissa got there first, so we didn't have to wait in the long line.
I don't think the line would be as long if they had a Mexican guy back there working in the truck. It took about 5 mins wait after you placed the order...that would never be the case in o.g. King Taco Truck.
Hard to see but the line in the back turned left and still continued further back to the street...It was kinda of a odd place, they was a second hand store selling merchandise, free ice cream, and a lady selling sweets. I convinced Liz to buy a chocolate cupcake that was inside a mason jar, really cute. The Max and Bryant (no surprise) were really hungry so we ate the cupcake before there were any pictures take. They would get so mad if Liz and I took a bite of the cupcake. A few time Eli got skipped because he was more interested in playing than eating. However Max and Bryant would not leave Liz alone until it was all done. Once we got the food, we had a picnic on the cement...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Check out!! I love this card sketch idea book from Kristina. I was orginally going to give it to Liz, since she makes more cards than but it came out so nice, I thought I should keep it for myself. Am I being an "indian giver" if I really never gave it to her, but thought about it????

Maybe I will make her one after I send out Bryant's thank you cards. Although I feel he should send them out.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day weekend...

Friday Bryant and I had breakfast with Liz, and hung out by checking out scrapbooking stores!!

On Saturday we went to the Calderon's to hang out and celebrate Larry's birthday.

At first Bryant didn't want to go into the pool even though he was fully insulated. They don't heat their pool, so I didn't blame him, I didn't go into the water either.
Then he decided to hang out with Ty on the steps of the pool.
Then he went in just in his swimming diapers. He was crying because he didn't want to leave. Everyone was having fun, but it was getting dark and him for his bedtime.

On Sunday we went to the Animal Park in San Diego. Even though Phil and I went to college in San Diego we had never been to it. Since we got year pass to the SD zoo, it also included free admission to the Animal Park, free parking, and a tram ride!!! We had a great time.

Although we were a little to close to the animals...

Then on Monday we had breakfast with my parents, and went to the Greek festival for dinner. I wish the pictures would have come out because we had a great time, but the pictures came out really dark.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

bryant's belated birthday party...

Thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate on last minute notice. I wasn't planning to celebrate his 1st birthday since it was while he was on vacation in Florida with my parents, but my parents convinced me otherwise. It had to be last weekend because this weekend was Labor Day weekend.

We had a great time even though it was really hot. Luckily my parent's also convinced me to have it at their house instead of the park, they had the AC on full blast. The taco guy was great, and the kids kept going in and out of the jumper to cool off back inside the house. It must have been over 100 degrees in the jumper. Also thanks to my sister and bother in law Eddie for purchasing ice cones, which were perfect for this weather!!

We had to wait until after 4 pm for the sun to go down in order to break the piƱata and then cut the cake. However, by then the birthday boy fell asleep. He had refused to take his nap earlier in the day when we were setting up for the party, so of course by 3:30 pm he could longer stay awake.

Max is so excited as he is getting ready to hit the pinata.

My grandma with Bryant as we were setting up for the party.
Liz and I made the banners and many of decorations for the birthday party. I can't wait until I buy the Silhouette SD, it will be so much easier.