Wednesday, February 22, 2012

cloth diapers

I can't believe I finally did it, I went cloth diapers.  I had been thinking about it since I was pregnant with Bryant but living at the condo, prevented me.  Phil and I even thought of purchasing washing machine, but then rejected the idea when we realized it would not work with the old plumbing.

There are so many benefits of cloth diapers, but I am very squeamish at poop which was a huge disadvantage for me!! I have even been known to throw away clothes that got too much poop for me to handle.

I decided that if my mom who worked full time could cloth diaper my sister and I, I could do this.  So far so good!!  I have a small stash because getting started is a pricey investment, so I have to wash daily.

Another benefit, he looks so cute in cloth diapers.  I know this is not the best photo but it has been a little too chilly to take a photo of him just in his cloth diapers!!