Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hanging w/ Liz, Max, & Eli on Wednesdays...

Liz has been after me to join a Moms club. I think that it won’t be fun because Bryant is too little and the activities at the moms club are for toddlers. So Liz decided that we should have a day where the boys get to hang out. I started working part time on Thursdays and Fridays, and Liz meets with the moms club on Tuesdays, and Mondays are not usually good days for us to meet. So Wednesdays is perfect.

Two weeks ago we went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in LB. Liz has a year membership and I live in LB so it is perfect. The boys go there and love going there as you can tell the pictures. I really wish for Bryant to grow up like the boys and not be afraid of touching things. My mom didn’t want Liz and I to touch any of God’s creatures because they carry germs, are dirty etc. We don’t want that for our boys.

Liz decided it would be a great idea for me to hold the nectarine juice while she took the picture of the birds coming to me. As you can tell the boys really wanted to reach out and touch the birds. I on the other hand was nervous. Afterwards Liz told me she was nervous as well, which is why she had me hold the juice. Bryant saw the boys reaching for the birds and decided to reach as well. Liz didn’t get the picture of this because we both got scared that he might grab at the bird and the bird would peck at him. Neither of us thought Bryant would reach out!! Be careful what you wish for!

Liz never gets to be in pictures because when she is with the boys she is the one taking pictures. Here are a few pictures of her.

Here are a few pictures of all of us. We used the camera timer on the first one, and asked someone to take our picture on the second one. I just hate people using my SLR camera because they always want to change the lens. But if I want everyone to be in picture and there isn’t anything to place the camera on, then I have to ask someone. I usually have the camera “set” for them to take the picture and then they move it. On the second picture the worker moved the lens to include more of the background and make us hard to see. I guess I could take a tripod, but I already carry so much stuff for Bryant.

Last week we didn’t know what to do and Liz had already driven down to LB. It was too hot to go to the beach or the park, the boys would get sunburn. Liz has this great book with ideas, and in it was the Nature Reserve. It was perfect.

Inside the boys were able to touch everything without breaking it and there was air conditioning inside!!

Outside there were lots of trees, and the boys were able to go for a walk. It was ¼ a mile which is perfect for the boys to walk.

Can't wait for next Wednesday!!!

Check out more photos here!

UCSD Football...

So I have to take back something I said in my earlier post. Although I am really pro UCSD for Bryant, I would allow him to attend UCLA/Cal. Let me explain...

I love UCSD...I am the one who convinced Phil last year to volunteer to at the high school fairs to talk about our experiences at UCSD. I am also the one who tries to convince Phil for us to join some of the alumni activities.

Here is a picture of Edgar, Laura, Phil and I at one of the alumni mixers earlier this year. We took this picture where we first met at a pub in downtown LA to pick up the tickets, have a few drinks (Laura and I were both pregnant, so we had soda drinks) and appetizers. From there we later attended a Dodger game. ( I of course didn’t think it would be safe for me to take my camera into the game. I later realized that other people from the alumni group took their cameras and nothing happened.) We had a great time and can’t wait to attend another alumni event with our friends again.

Although I have a huge love for UCSD, UCSD does not have football. If UCSD had football, UCSD would never be confused for San Diego State (the party school), or USD (the Catholic school). I don’t understand why UCSD doesn’t have a football team. The administration states that we would not be taken seriously as an academic school. What crap!!! Who doesn’t take Cal or UCLA seriously as academic schools. I would understand if Bryant did not want to attend UCSD because it doesn’t have a football team. I didn’t understand the important that a football team brings to schools. The main thing is school spirit. UCSD lacks school spirit, because it lacks a football team.

Ashley and Scott invited us to attend the UCLA v Tenn game, and we had so much fun. I forgot to take a picture of the four of us at the game. What was I thinking?? You can just see the school spirit at the game.

Without school spirit, why would alumni return back to school, financially support the school, or send their kids to the school. Although I love UCSD I don’t try to convince my friends to go to homecoming…seeing a water polo/soccer match isn’t the same. If we had football, I would definitely be pushing everyone to have season tickets. Maybe I wouldn’t have to push, there would be so much school spirit, that they would want to have season tickets. Have you seen a USC football game, half of the stadium seems to be of alumni season ticket holders filled with school spirit.

2nd Month

Here are a few pics of Bryant at 2nd months, which I love!!

Of course he will attending our alma mater UCSD!!! Will he continue down our path and be a Poli-Sci major? Will he live at Marshall or ERC? If it is up to me, it will be Revelle, and be a bio major. He will grow up to be a denist. I should have listened to my uncle Rigo...and been a dentist. My dentist only works Mon-Thurs 7-2:30, and makes the bucks!!!

I saw the dog at the Bookstore and thought what a great idea it would be for me to take his picture every month to track how large he is getting compared to the dog. Originally I thought I would track this using the car seat, but he is getting so big that the car seat idea would not work.

I have been after Phil to finish the crib, because he no longer fits in my bassinet. This is my bassinet, which my mom lent to me for Bryant to use. I thought it was great idea that my parents kept it all these years. Although many of the baby books I read did not recommend using old bassinets because they are dangerous I didn’t care. Somethings are worth using even if they are old. One of the problems I did run into is that it rocks. Bryant is so big that when he a little the bassinet rocks and wakes him up. That problem did not last long. He weight now prevents it from rocking.

My happy baby! Bryant is happy, smiling, etc 85% of the time, which is great. However, when he gets mad, he really gets mad. I have to take a picture of him the next time he gets mad. There is nothing that can stop him when he starts to cry (except for food, I know, just like daddy!) And he has started to say "Da", which makes me mad! I am with him all day, and he says dad, what about me "Ma".
These just show how alert he has become. His eyes are following me around while I was taking the pictures. I will start showing him sign language very soon. Liz showed my nephews, Max and Eli, sign language it has helped out a lot. Eli loves to drink milk, so he sign "bottle/milk" all the time. Max on the other had loves to eat, so he sign "more", so that Liz feeds him more food. I wonder what Bryant is going to love to sign, hopefully "diaper".