Sunday, June 15, 2008

Everyone Starts Somewhere

Today is the day that I have decided to start my own blog. It will be exciting. I figured that way everyone will know what is going on with me and Phil without having to send tons of e-mails updating everyone.

Phil and I went over to my parents home for Brunch today on Father's Day. Grandpa and Grandma were over for Brunch as well. Here is a picture of them with Max on the left and Eli on the right.

Eddie, Liz and the boys were also there. Eddie decided to have boys use the kiddie pool we bought them for their first birthday. Max had so much fun using it, but Eli was asleep. Eddie decided to wake him up to play in the water, but he just kept crying when Eddie put him in the water. The picture of Eli with Phil was so funny, because for some reason Eli did not want to touch the grass. He was doing all the possible not to let his hands and feet touch the grass.

When Phil and I came home and we celebrated Phil's "Soon-to-be" Father's Day. We went to his favorite restaurant - BJ's Pizza. We ate pizza and of course pizookie i.e. a warm chocolate chip pizza cookie with vanilla ice cream on top, which is heaven.

FYI ...I am down for the count down. I am 36 weeks pregnant, and my due date is July 14, although I know that it won't be as planned. Most babies are born several days late, so I am probably looking to deliver sometime between July 14-21. I am so nervous about it, but I am also really excited to see what Bryant Gerald Hernandez will look like when he arrives. When I went to my doctor's appointment on Friday, everything was great. He is head down, and tall and thin. Just like Phil used to be when we met and started dating in college ;)


Pedroza Family said...

Wow, you take really good pics with your camera! my mom's having me email pics of you guys so you can post them up!

ps: where's the music?

Carm Hernandez said...

Music coming soon.

Isabel Apkarian said...

Carm. I'm so happy you are doing this. I can't believe the baby is coming so soon. Big hugs to you & Phil.