Tuesday, July 15, 2008

inquiring minds...

Thank you for everyone calling, e-mailing and texting. I am doing fine, but I am still pregnant... This little guy is just cooking in the oven ;) I think he is like his grandparents Castillo, and will be late for everything, which drives me crazy. No need for me to mention all the important events in my life I have been late to because of my parents.

In case you are wondering what I look like. The picture was taken on Sunday. It is of my cousin Monica and me at her baby shower. She is due in August, but doesn't know if she is having a girl or a boy.


Pedroza Family said...

Congrats Guys-
We all agree he's supper cute and so BIG in a tiny infant way!!!

ha, ha, ha, i'm going to post bryant on my site first! He's so cute!!! Tell Phil, yes I will gladdly trade ours for your guys's.

I saw him and I flashed back to when mine were little and then I flutter with glee down stairs and suddenly I'm woken by two funky smelling toddlers who are yelling in the parking to hear their echo!!!

Cherish each day, for if you blink, he'll be starting to walk!

Brittany said...

So I take it the doctors were WRONG on the due date! My mom has been buggin me to call you and see what's going on, if he arrived yet, when you would be back in the office, you know the usual stuff!!! We have to get together for lunch one weekend soon! Miss you Carm!