Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am so sorry to everyone that I have not updated my blog. But it seems like Bryant does not like his picture posted. He is okay if I checking my e-mail, but the second I am ready to update my blog he starts to cry and cry. In his defense, he also cries when I am ready to sit down and eat.

This was taken our first day home. He was two days old. I wanted him to do something, but he slept so soundly, just like his father.

These two pics were taken 4 days after he was born.

Check out the back hair! Uncle Eddie is going to have to show him how to wax it off. Phil and I were really surprised how hairy he was considering that we aren't hairy.

In the next photo he is one month (Aug 18). His fisty personality shows clearly in this picture. He was tired of our photo shoot.

He was so strong. I told the Dr. at his 4 week check up that he could lift his head, but the doctor didn't believe me. I should have taken the photo. He could also crawl very slowly, but crawl. I know, I know, I have become that mother that is showing off her great her kid is.

(Sept 4)

(Sept 5) The mandatory bath photo. Phil wouldn't let me take a full nude shot to show his prom date in the future.

This was taken on Aug 18. Even though he looked big to me he was still little compared to the next picture.
This was taken Sept 7 my uncle Rigo's birthday party. Can you see the difference? By the way he was sound asleep while the Marichi was playing, the trumpet guy was right behind him.