Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Phil "helped out" at a BBQ competition. Eric's brother and cousin compete in BBQ competitions throughout California. Since the competition was going to be in San Diego, Eric asked Phil to help them as a body guard while they carry the food to the judges. Phil was so excited to go, that we were in San Diego at 7 am. Phil has never been a morning person, so for him it was a big deal.

The food was delicious. Although when Eric's cousin said that the chicken was the best chicken ever, I had my doubts. First of all, I only like white meat, and the chicken was the thighs. But when I ate it, and I ate it after I had eaten the ribs and brisque, which were great, they were right. The chicken was the best chicken I have ever had. I really think they should sell it or be allowed to sell it at the competitions.