Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Election Day

Phil and I voted early in the morning before Phil went to work. We didn't have to travel too far since it was at the Clubhouse. However, when we got there, there was a long line. I wish I had my camera, or not because I didn't get a chance to ready, and didn't look photo ready.
In the evening I went to a DG alumnae meeting, and when I got home I found Bryant like this...

Apparently Phil was trying hard to watch the election results, and Bryant wasn't cooperating. Phil feed him, which is why you see the two (by the way I was only gone for two hours!) bottles. Phil covered him thinking the light was bothering him. Phil took off his sock, because he might be too warm. He tried everything even entertaining him with his favorite too. Not so easy taking care of the little guy is it, babe?

**Phil's version of events:  Bryant and I were playing the election night drinking game.  Every time a state went for Obama, he would take a drink.  By the end of the night the little lightweight was wearing a towel on his head and dancing with the musical duck while missing a sock.  I took this picture after California was called for Obama.**   


Pedroza Family said...

brayant looks like michael jackson's baby, all he needs is to hold bryant out the balcony! lol