Monday, December 15, 2008

phil's 32nd birthday

Happy Birthday Phil!!!

32 years ago God was in a very, very good mood when he made you!!! I've never met anyone so hilarious, so energetic & so unforgettable!
If you've read my blog for a while you may think that Phil sounds kind of perfect. Well, that's because he kind of is. I mean, if playing video games is the worst thing someone can then play away! :) I guess he has to balance out our relationship with my drama and craziness!

Count 'em down! 32 reason I love you!
  1. I love how whenever you have a receipt or piece of paper in your hand you fold it up as tiny as possible. Then I have to unfold all of them to see if you wanna keep it or throw it away.
  2. I love how thoughtful you are of everyone around you.
  3. You turn off your headlights if they're in someones eyes.
  4. I love how you wake up with Bryant so I can sleep.
  5. I love when I try to take a picture of you this is what I get... your muppet smile...
  6.  I love those kissable lips.
  7. I love when we watch Craig Fergeuson (sp?)  you practice stand up routines in front of me.
  8. I love when you sing the Sunday/Monday night Football theme song at the top of your lungs while watching game, and that you are trying so hard for Bryant to learn the songs.
  9. I love that you are a great role model for Anthony.
  10. I love that you massage my back and my feet after a long day!!
  11. I love that you are the Best Dad!
  12. That you take me to the ballet, philharmonic, theatre, and operas, eventhough I know you really don't like them.  I love that you surprised me with second row seats to see Wicked for my birthday.
  13. I love how every single night since we've been married the last thing I hear is "sweet dreams."
  14. I love how after evey single phone call you tell me "I love you".
  15. I love that you probably change a many diapers as me (although I have to ask).
  16. I love that you've never wanted to miss a day of church since starting your catechism class.
  17. I love that you let me pick where we travel on our vacations, even though I know you are not into traveling and would just prefer for us to stay home!
  18. I love when you drive me around late at night to buy donuts!
  19. I love when you call around every restaurant in town on Valentines Day to find my perfect chocolate souffle.
  20. I love when you take me out to get my cafe mocha and croissant from the Coffee Bean.
  21. I love that after you finished the triathlon!!! Even when the other guys backed down.
  22. I love that when we go on the cruise you sing your heart out at the piano bar.
  23. I love your smile.
  24. I love when you get so excited about buying crap and how much you saved!
  25. I love that you are such a law dork!!  I love the great job you did in your Trial Ad class in cross-examing that you made the poor girl cry.
  26. I love that you have so much fun playing golf with the guys.
  27. I love how you are completely supportive with my scrapbooking and all the time that it requires.
  28. I love how you always order the exact same thing off the menu at Islands and don't understand why I ever even look at them.
  29. I love how much you want to go back and help at Habitat for Humanity for their Christmas in April service projects. I thought you only joined the Rotary Group with me at UCSD to date me!
  30. I love how much pride you get from having a fixed up home.
  31. I love how you immediately make people smile when they talk to you.  I love how you have me rolling on the floor laughing with the drop of a quote and a silly joke.  I love that you hang out with your friends all the time, and try to think of things for us to do to hang out.
  32. I love when you get home from work and I feel like a dead mommy you look at me like I'm beautiful!!
love ya' babe!!


Pedroza Family said...

I love that you let Carmen Scrapbook with me- even if it takes her 10 hrs to do half a layout! lol