Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was really great. I completely forgot that I was a mother until Phil asked me "what I wanted to do for Mother's Day?" I said "I didn't know and that I would ask my mom." He then said "this is your day too!" " That's right it is my day!! I am a mom. Wow! I am a mom..."
Well we still went to my parent's house. Liz and the boys showed up. I can't believe we are all moms. Liz bought us beautiful flowers which we are wearing.
I loved the gift I made for my mom with the help of Scrapbooking Heaven.

Then we went to Phil's uncle and aunt's house. It was great seeing everyone.

Phil's cousin Bobby and his wife Staci and their little girl came to visit from Colorado. We really do need to go out there and visit them. We miss them so much!