Saturday, July 18, 2009

Weiner Dog Races for the SBACC

Phil and I had so much fun today at the Weiner dog races. It was our first time at Los Alamitos Race Track. Erin's mom and sister volunteer at the Seal Beach Animal Care Center, and the shelter has their yearly fundraiser at the race track. The main attraction is the Weiner dog races (they also had the horse races). Erin had extra tickets, and was kind enough to give them to us, so Phil and I went. (It was a study break for me, which was so needed.) Unfortunately Phil had my cell phone in his pocket and didn't hear my cell ringing so we didn't get to hang out with Erin. In the end we were so tired from walking around everywhere looking for seats, it was very crowded (great turnout) and hot that we left before it ended.