Friday, August 7, 2009

Picture Friday

Liz and I went Shop Hopping to different Scrapbook stores in LA. We had a great time. We went to about 13 stores in total, but didn't notice that three of there were closed when we got there (either we got there too early or too late). This Friday we are off to OC and SD's scrapbook stores. There are a few in the IE that we want to see soon, but we haven't choosen a date. Liz is going to Santa Barbara on Saturday for her anniversary, and is going to be stopping at a few stores on the way. Yep I'm jealous, that I have to be at work instead. Liz is going to post the pictures of us at the different stores on her blog. I have bought so much new stuff, I have to get scrapping soon. Anyone want to join me, for scrapping and a glass of wine at my place?

----As for the picture----

Phil, Bryant, and I went into our pool on Sunday, and then decided it would be a great idea to have a pool party the following Sunday and invite the family. These are pictures our of us hanging out at the pool.

We had the pool party on Sunday...too bad my mom had it work, budget time at the government. My dad, my grandparents, Liz, Eddie, and the boys came down and had a great time. Phil grilled burgers and hot dogs. I also forgot to bring my camera, but Liz took pictures. Hopefully she will have them on her blog soon.