Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weigh in Wednesday

Okay, I decided to start documenting my weight...I know it is hard for me but Bryant just turned one, and I still haven't lost the weight. Enough is enough. I joined Weight Watchers, and plan to eat healthy dinners. Starting weight was 153 on March 2. I am only down to 146. I have stayed at this same weight since June 24. I know that it was difficult to stay on course while I was studying for the Bar and the week of the Bar, but that was 2 weeks ago, what is my excuse now? I run quit a bit, although it does show. I always wonder how big I would be if I didn't run. I think I need to do some changes... like exercise more regularly instead of when I remember or when I "feel" like running...and eat clean at least 6 days a week instead of "celebrating" with dessert or ordering my favorite fish and chips every time we eat out. Any suggestions?