Friday, January 22, 2010

crazy little guy...just turned 1 1/2 years old

I know that I always say that I wanted a girl so that she could go to my high school and be in DG.  But yesterday was the first time Phil said that he wanted a girl.  Apparently Bryant was getting on top of our coffee table then doing a summersault to the couch... what craziness from a 1 1/2 year old...Phil said that this is the first time he wished Bryant was girl and just sitting on the couch watching TV next to him instead of acting crazy.

The pictures below are from last weekend...we were at my parent's tax business.  Bryant used the copy paper box that my dad placed sideways to prevent him from opening the cabinet doors, to climb on top of and see what is on the counter.  This was the second time he did this.  The first time I got off the chair and ran over to get him off.  The second time, I realized he was kinda safe, so I grabbed my camera and took these shots. 

My mom always reminds me that I should be thankful that he is able to be so active, but I don't yet quite appreciate him being this active...

I guess I should appreciate him wanting to help out.  Later his is not going to want to be at the counter helping my dad at the office.


Dorothy said...

That Bryan is darn cute! I can't believe I'm going to have one of those running around in just a few short months!! I'll be calling you for advice for sure!