Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bryant getting very verbal

Bryant has really become verbal and expressive.  Lately he has decided when he wants to be taken on walks/runs/rides, and when he doesn't.  He had been getting into the Bob stroller and it had become dangerous, so I decided to collapse it so he would not be able to get into.  Then he decided to get his monkey and get into this...

Then this morning he woke us up by knocking on his bedroom door to come out.  Some how he escaped from his crib.  We weren't sure how he did it this morning.  During his nap time he kept escaping, so Phil decided to "hide" in his room to see how he was escaping his crib.  And sure enough Phil saw that he was able to go over the railing and then lower himself to the floor.  We didn't think it was going to come so soon!!  I guess it is now time for a toddler bed, even though that means he is going to be knocking on our bedroom door soon!!

He also tells me "mama come here" and holds my hand and takes me over to the fridge, and then tells me "up please" for me to carry him, and then tells me "open door".  Once I open the fridge he then tells me what he wants to eat i.e. "apple" for the apple crushers, "cup" for milk, "juice" or just grabs the blue berries, watermelon or grapes.  


Dorothy said...

What a cutie!!! So fun to see!

Anonymous said...

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