Wednesday, August 17, 2011

almost wordless wednesday

I wish it was wordless photo, but it would not be the same.  For some reason seeing a photo without an explanation is not the same. First impression of this photo would be that Bryant is helping Phil carry some things, cute!  

Bryant had not seen my parents for a few days, and had been wanting to see them for a while. He wanted to spend the night at their house and for them to take him to the zoo. However, we were just going to visit them for brunch on a Sunday.  My parents were taking care of my grandparents, since my grandfather just had heart valve replacement surgery, and my grandmother does not drive.

Bryant is always upset with us that we don't pack anything for him.  So this time Bryant packed his "bags" to go over to visit my parents.  He packed his snacks in the lunch bags and then packed his toys in two other containers.  It was too funny to see him carry his important items to stay at my parents' home.


Anonymous said...

To be honest the big box was a toy that was loud and was better off at my in laws place.


Dorothy said...

That Bryant is just too funny!