Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2nd Month

Here are a few pics of Bryant at 2nd months, which I love!!

Of course he will attending our alma mater UCSD!!! Will he continue down our path and be a Poli-Sci major? Will he live at Marshall or ERC? If it is up to me, it will be Revelle, and be a bio major. He will grow up to be a denist. I should have listened to my uncle Rigo...and been a dentist. My dentist only works Mon-Thurs 7-2:30, and makes the bucks!!!

I saw the dog at the Bookstore and thought what a great idea it would be for me to take his picture every month to track how large he is getting compared to the dog. Originally I thought I would track this using the car seat, but he is getting so big that the car seat idea would not work.

I have been after Phil to finish the crib, because he no longer fits in my bassinet. This is my bassinet, which my mom lent to me for Bryant to use. I thought it was great idea that my parents kept it all these years. Although many of the baby books I read did not recommend using old bassinets because they are dangerous I didn’t care. Somethings are worth using even if they are old. One of the problems I did run into is that it rocks. Bryant is so big that when he a little the bassinet rocks and wakes him up. That problem did not last long. He weight now prevents it from rocking.

My happy baby! Bryant is happy, smiling, etc 85% of the time, which is great. However, when he gets mad, he really gets mad. I have to take a picture of him the next time he gets mad. There is nothing that can stop him when he starts to cry (except for food, I know, just like daddy!) And he has started to say "Da", which makes me mad! I am with him all day, and he says dad, what about me "Ma".
These just show how alert he has become. His eyes are following me around while I was taking the pictures. I will start showing him sign language very soon. Liz showed my nephews, Max and Eli, sign language it has helped out a lot. Eli loves to drink milk, so he sign "bottle/milk" all the time. Max on the other had loves to eat, so he sign "more", so that Liz feeds him more food. I wonder what Bryant is going to love to sign, hopefully "diaper".