Tuesday, October 14, 2008

UCSD Football...

So I have to take back something I said in my earlier post. Although I am really pro UCSD for Bryant, I would allow him to attend UCLA/Cal. Let me explain...

I love UCSD...I am the one who convinced Phil last year to volunteer to at the high school fairs to talk about our experiences at UCSD. I am also the one who tries to convince Phil for us to join some of the alumni activities.

Here is a picture of Edgar, Laura, Phil and I at one of the alumni mixers earlier this year. We took this picture where we first met at a pub in downtown LA to pick up the tickets, have a few drinks (Laura and I were both pregnant, so we had soda drinks) and appetizers. From there we later attended a Dodger game. ( I of course didn’t think it would be safe for me to take my camera into the game. I later realized that other people from the alumni group took their cameras and nothing happened.) We had a great time and can’t wait to attend another alumni event with our friends again.

Although I have a huge love for UCSD, UCSD does not have football. If UCSD had football, UCSD would never be confused for San Diego State (the party school), or USD (the Catholic school). I don’t understand why UCSD doesn’t have a football team. The administration states that we would not be taken seriously as an academic school. What crap!!! Who doesn’t take Cal or UCLA seriously as academic schools. I would understand if Bryant did not want to attend UCSD because it doesn’t have a football team. I didn’t understand the important that a football team brings to schools. The main thing is school spirit. UCSD lacks school spirit, because it lacks a football team.

Ashley and Scott invited us to attend the UCLA v Tenn game, and we had so much fun. I forgot to take a picture of the four of us at the game. What was I thinking?? You can just see the school spirit at the game.

Without school spirit, why would alumni return back to school, financially support the school, or send their kids to the school. Although I love UCSD I don’t try to convince my friends to go to homecoming…seeing a water polo/soccer match isn’t the same. If we had football, I would definitely be pushing everyone to have season tickets. Maybe I wouldn’t have to push, there would be so much school spirit, that they would want to have season tickets. Have you seen a USC football game, half of the stadium seems to be of alumni season ticket holders filled with school spirit.