Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what are your resolutions...

(First off I would like to say, "sorry Dad no pics on this post")

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Are you keeping them?

I finally decided to post mine on rather than keeping them a secret.  Apparently if you let others know about your goals you are more likely to follow through with them.

1. Lose 20 lbs- I decided that I really need to lose 20lbs (and no it isn't baby weight I am back to where I was before I was pregnant.) I also want to run a 1/2 marathon this year, maybe the Long Beach. --So far I have been taking a lunch into work daily, but I need to workout.  I think I need a workout or running buddy;)  

2. Travel - Phil and I really don't have the money to travel somewhere far like Australia like Is and Ric.  We decided that even going somewhere close like Palms Springs, Santa Barbara/Solvang would be fine.  Our original plans BB (“Before Bryant”) was to travel to Europe and do a two week big city tour that Phil’s uncle and aunt did.  They had such a great time, and saw so much.  Right before booking the trip I found out I was pregnant.  Although we were sad, it could have been worse financially if we had found out after we booked the trip.  --We already booked a trip to Palms Springs in Feb 29-Mar 1!! Next book our trip to Santa Barbara/Solvang

3. Pass the BAR- I am currently working for a certified estate planning attorney, and she motivates me to pass the bar, get my LLM and be a certified estate planning attorney. First goal is to pass the BAR.   She is so knowledgeable, organized and passionate about what she does that it is contagious.  She is also super nice! I am working for her for a while, while her permanent legal assistant is going through chemotherapy.  I am working full time and making more money than before.  Hopefully to save enough so that I can study full time for the July or February (next year) Bar.  I don’t like thinking about not having money to pay bills while I am suppose to be studying.   --So far reviewing my outlines during lunch since I take my lunch in daily I don't have to waste my time going to get my food.

4. Hang out with Friends-I also having been felling somewhat depressed more like sad after having Bryant.  I felt like I was all alone with no friends here in Long Beach.  Then I realized that it isn’t that I don’t have friends, but that I don’t ask to hang out with them.  I also decided that doing fun things like taking sewing classes and scrapbook classes, I would meet more people with similar interests. --Calling/e-mails to friends to hang out.

Maybe I could do two resolutions at the same time such as travel with friends, travel to another city to run a half marathon, or take the Bar in San Fran(but would I enjoy San Fran? maybe not.)

Share your resolutions on your blog or on the comments section.