Friday, March 20, 2009

just like great grandma and great grandpa...

There are certain family traits that I have started to notice in Bryant. Lately Bryant has had this new thing about sticking out his tongue. I don’t know if it is because he is teething or if it is hereditary. My grandma sticks out her tongue a lot and we tease her about it.

He also has my grandpa feet. I knew that my grandpa and his sister had crooked toes, but my mom said that it was because they wore cheap shoes. I think my mom told me this because she never liked the idea that I loved shoes, and instead of me wanting one pair of shoes, I wanted several. Since we were broke when I was going up, I thought I would convince her to by me cheap shoes at payless etc so that I could have more to choose from, instead of buying one good pair. So I was very surprised when Bryant was born that he had crooked toes… he had not worn cheap shoes.