Friday, March 20, 2009


I love surprises, but not always.  I usually do not have a problem when my friends or family use my camera to take pictures at events.  I tend to be a perfectionist, including with photos.  I 99% of the time carry my camera with me, but I don't use it unless there is a perfect situation.  By perfect I mean, me looking perfect, or the something I think I should take a picture of and want to scrapbook.  I thought I would get over this feeling when I got a digital camera and it doesn't matter how many picture I take, I don't have to pay for the development.  But the feeling hasn't gone away.  Least to say that I am very grateful, when I download my picture and find that others have been taking pictures, although not perfect, they are taking pictures of great moments, that I would not have thought were great at the time, but are.  These are surprises I love.

However, when I was downloading these weeks pictures, I found some that were so cute of Bryant taking a bath.  I never get to take pictures of him taking a bath.  Then I realized that I didn't take them, Phil did.  Then I thought why was he looking for the camera and taking pictures instead of making sure Bryant was safe, especially while he was taking a bath!!! Yes I was surprised, and the jury is out as to whether it is a good or bad surprise.  

PS ask me to take photos when we are hanging out with me at places, dinner, etc.  I really regret not having picture of all the stuff I do with family and friends.


Bobiyo said...

kinda scary! the baby in a tub alone! aie! but such a cute pic!

Pedroza Family said...

how fun! I've got a ton of pics of kids in the tub. Although I take the camera with me before I bring the kiddies to the bathroom! I agree w/ bobiyo, that is kinda scary to leave the baby alone in the water, even in 2inches of water, he can drown!