Tuesday, June 9, 2009

guess who is walking???

This weekend he decided to walk more than a few steps... especially on Sunday. We were at my parents house celebrating my grandparent's 54th wedding anniversary, when Bryant decided to start walking with his balloon. I guess the balloon gave him the confidence to walk alone. My parent's video taped the whole thing.
I took these picture on Monday evening right after he had reached for my open water bottle on the dinning room table and poured it all over himself. I didn't realize he had grown tall enough to reach for things on the table.
Starting position. He is just standing and staring at me.
(Notice that Triton has Bryant's sock in his mouth and Phil is just watching. Bryant for some reason is able to walk without one sock or shoe. I would have imagine that to be difficult since it would throw his balance off.)

...walking towards me...

...he is running past me towards the hallway.