Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Max and Eli

Yesterday was Max and Eli's 2nd birthday. We celebrated by going to Chucky Cheese. Although it was last minute planning, we had a ton of fun...

The beautiful and very yummy pineapple upside down cake my sister made. (Sorry you missed out Dad! Our Dad loves pineapples.) She does make really good cakes, but she is after all a pastry chef. But for my birthday she made me rice crispy treats, not that they weren't good , they were delicious but I expected a chocolate cake. Do pastry chefs make rice crispy treats???

Max blowing out the candle

Eli blowing out the candle

Wow, I don't know who had more fun the boys or Phil...I wish I had a picture of Phil on some of the rides it was hilarious.

Yes, I know, Bryant has no fear...I would have been afraid to have been up that high. I am afraid of heights. He on the other hand want to be up there the whole time and would get upset when the ride ended.

All of this reminds me that Bryant turns one next month!!! I have to plan his 1st birthday. Wow time flies. The last time we came here Bryant was about 1 month old, and the twins were about 14 months old. The twins were just starting to walk and not too much into the games. Now Bryant is trying to walk around everywhere, and the twins were not eating because they wanted to ride on the games the whole time. Max would just come to the table pick up a chicken wing and then take off again with the chicken wing in hand.

4 comments: said...

OMG! I can't believe that Bryant will be one soon. It doesn't seem like a year has passed by already. He is such a cutie! I was looking at his very cute haircut. Believe it or not, my boys haven't had their first cut yet. Their hair is so curly that we haven't to do it just yet.

Pedroza Family said...

Thanks for posting pics of the boys! These are such great pics! Wow, Bry is so high up and not scared!

Pedroza Family said...

as if you didn't have enough to do... can you please email me these pics? thanks.

Carm Hernandez said...

Sure! The will be at my Shutterfly website, so that you can download them