Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day weekend...

Friday Bryant and I had breakfast with Liz, and hung out by checking out scrapbooking stores!!

On Saturday we went to the Calderon's to hang out and celebrate Larry's birthday.

At first Bryant didn't want to go into the pool even though he was fully insulated. They don't heat their pool, so I didn't blame him, I didn't go into the water either.
Then he decided to hang out with Ty on the steps of the pool.
Then he went in just in his swimming diapers. He was crying because he didn't want to leave. Everyone was having fun, but it was getting dark and him for his bedtime.

On Sunday we went to the Animal Park in San Diego. Even though Phil and I went to college in San Diego we had never been to it. Since we got year pass to the SD zoo, it also included free admission to the Animal Park, free parking, and a tram ride!!! We had a great time.

Although we were a little to close to the animals...

Then on Monday we had breakfast with my parents, and went to the Greek festival for dinner. I wish the pictures would have come out because we had a great time, but the pictures came out really dark.