Wednesday, October 28, 2009

bryant's baptism...

I am sorry that I didn't post any pictures recently, but I had been sick with a cold all weekend. Today is the first day I am finally feeling so much better, and not dragging myself to work, meetings, etc. Luckily it was just a cold, and not the swine flu...those poor people that have the swine flu.

Josh, my cousin, with Bryant.
I was holding him while Deacon Carl, poured water over his forehead. He didn't even cry, but he did give me a dirty look. My sister and my bother-in-law, Eddie, are his godparents. They bought him his super pimp daddy outfit, it even included white shoes, socks, and underwear.
My parents with the boys.

My grandparents with Bryant. You can see Bryant's outfit better in this picture. I love his cute white bow tie, vest, and tuxedo pants.

My cousin, David, and his fiancee, Karina, with Bryant.

Funny story, Eddie convinced Josh, David and Karina that they also had to wear white to the Baptism since it was part of our parishes customs. They actually went out and bought white outfits for the event. It was really sweet of them to go all out for the event.