Friday, January 7, 2011

hawaii trip day 3

Our adventure started with driving up to the Dole Plantation and taking a train ride.  We also bought some gifts for our family here, yummy.  I thought they were going to have a ton of pineapples to taste, but instead sold pineapples to take home.  I guess if I lived in another part of the US that would be a great gift, but in LA taking home a pineapple everyone might think that we just bought it at the store.  Actually we were surprised to see the pineapples cheaper at the airport.  Unfortunately there was no pineapple tastings, only a small piece offered to us after the train ride.

The train ride was not exactly what we expected, we thought it was going to be a great history tour of pineapples in Hawaii, and see them in working farm.  Instead it was a easy ride around with very little detail given on the train ride =(  But I guess Bryant was with us, this ride would have been perfect.  I did get to buy a really good cup of Kona coffee there!!

Then we drove up to the coast all the way north to Sunset Beach, then head back south to North Shore.  We got off at Pupukea Beach Park were we saw some snorkelers and decided to walk down the cliffs.  Walking down the cliffs in flip flops is a lot harder than surfers make it look, especially when you are afraid of heights like moi.  When we got to the water, it was very very cold!!!  I was not expecting that, everyone seemed to be in the water all the time and no one seemed cold.  No to say that we didn't stay very long and decided to drive to North Shore. 

This sign is the replica of a larger one that is on the highway.  When we passed it I was going to have Phil stop so that I can take a picture, but there was a cop behind him.  So I was really happy to see this little sign!

The North Shore is a really cute town with tons of shops.  I really wanted to go shopping but Phil was on a mission to eat a typical Hawaiian dish, more on that later.  I was really happy that the North Shore reminded me of most of the other small town in Hawaii.  Phil on the other hand was really surprised that it was not at all like they showed on the TV cable show. He was expecting a mall, I think?

Here is Phil very happy to finally get to eat his dish.  It turns out that the reason we couldn't find it was because it was breakfast dish.  We decided to save money on this trip and only eat out for dinners.  Usually I love to eat out for breakfast, since it is my favorite meal of the day, but I knew that eating out for dinner would mean we would get to do more exciting things.  This dish by the way has a fried egg, sausage patty, and rice, I know it sounds more like a heart attack.  I was surprised Phil wanted to eat it because he doesn't like fried eggs. But he liked it.

Then it was off the cruise dinner and dancing.  Phil bought this upgraded package because it was suppose to include steak and lobster, but it was not steak, I am not sure exactly what type of meat we were eating.  Also, because we were running late to catch the bus to get on the boat, we didn't have time to change, and you know me, I love getting dressed up so it was no fun for me to be on a nice dinner cruise in flip flops and shorts =(   The hula dancing girls were great, but then they had other dinner guest stand up and dance the macarena, which was not the type of dancing we were going to be doing. 

We still had a great view and a great time!!

It was actually really good, normally when desserts look this good they taste really bad.