Monday, January 3, 2011 1 & 2

These are just a few of the photos from our Hawaii vacation...we had four fun filled days in O'ahu.  Our first stop was Duke's for dinner.  I know we have one in Huntington Beach, and I didn't want to eat at any restaurants we have back home, but there is something so different eating at this Duke's. At Dukes we had just finished eating such a great meal, and then it started to pour.  We "lucked" because we didn't have reservations our seats were not on the edge of the but closer to the inside of the restaurant.  When it started to pour, everyone in the good seats got wet and we stayed dried, so we decided to stay longer and have dessert!!

Then the next day was driving around the southeast island to Kaneohe.  On the way we stopped and decided to walk around. We thought we were only walking up the side of the hill.  Instead we had to walk up and over two hills before we could get to the lighthouse.  Since I am afraid of heights, we didn't make it all the way. I was okay until we got to the second hill, which was too steep and facing the water. We ended up walking all the way to the lighthouse, where Phil is pointing to. Good thing we took our running shoes because I don't know how everyone was doing the hike in flip flops, it ended up being more than just a stroll.

 It was such a beautiful part of the island that the President and his family were also staying there.  We didn't know where he was staying until we saw his motor cage drive by as we were eating hamburgers in a small market on the side of the road.  It happened too fast for me to grab my camera.

For dinner we went to Germaine's Luau on west side of the island.  Apparently Disney is putting the new resort on this side of the island.  We had a great meal and entertainment.  We also met new friends Gloria and Carlos who live in Diamond Bar. What a small world.  

More tomorrow...


Dorothy said...

Looks like you had a lovely time! So happy you were able to get away!